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Financial Resources

Financial Assistance for Parents

A provincial/federal government resource for parents.

The Gift of Hearing Fund 2020

A resource for parents on assistance with children who require cochlear implants. Applications will be accepted starting February 1, 2020 until April 15, 2020.

Disability Tax Credit (Physicians)

A resource for parents, professionals, and physicians outlining new guidelines for disability tax credits.

Keller Fund

A resource for parents on funding to help cover the cost of hearing aids not covered under the assistive devices program.

Disability Tax Credit Form

The Canada Revenue Agency's T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate.

The Easter Seals: Access 2 Card

The award-winning Access 2 Program is a collaborative partnership between Easter Seals and over 500 movie theatres, cultural attractions, entertainment venues, and recreation facilities across Canada. Click the link to fill out your application!

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